A few of my favourite things…

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Would you believe that this is my 100th post???  Amazing!!  In such a short amount of time I have conquered my fear of sharing and given you a little insight into how I see things, what I like and what is important in my life.  Today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things with you.

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Tuckered out…

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What a crazy, busy Saturday.  Full day in the sun yesterday and I didn’t get burnt.  YAY!! Sporty had his game of baseball, then the boys went with Grandma and Granddad for a sleepover.

This left Mum and Dad to…


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A Quickie…

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It’s Saturday here in Aussie land and it’s going to be a busy one…

First up is watching Sporty play baseball.  Then it’s a baking day. I found this recipe and I’m making it for my Mum’s birthday.  I’ll let you know if I have success.  I also have to make another chocolate cake.

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There’s a change coming in…

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Change in the seasons

I’m trying to be organised this year and do a bit of spring cleaning and packing.  In Australia we’re heading towards summer.  It’s not hot yet, but we’ve had a few days that have been warm.  A few things need to change to prepare for summer.  Need to take things from dark to light.

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A Return to the Mum Cave…

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No time for reading…I might start TV/Movie reviewing instead.

Hubby and I had a little tiff this morning.  Nothing serious, just “discussing” whether Sporty should be playing baseball today.  The busted finger was miraculously fixed but I wasn’t keen on him maybe making it worse…but they were players down…and the game couldn’t go on unless Sporty played…he had to play…his team was counting on him.  So my unsporty ruling was overturned and he played.  WHATEVER!!!

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Friday Night Lights…well not really :-)

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So the hot date that hubby and I were supposed to go on yesterday had to be moved to today.  We were out yesterday, just about to have some lunch when I received a phone call from my youngest son’s school saying he’d busted his finger.  Normally a mother would be scared for their child’s safety (and maybe I was a little) but in this case it just made me cranky.  I’m not sure if all 9 year old boys are the same, but my son (from now on will be referred to as Sporty) takes playtime seriously.  No tiddlywinks for Sporty, it’s The World Cup every day.  He puts his body on the line and all rules must be obeyed.  So yesterday’s game, he was playing goalie and he was stopping the ball with his hand and one of the other boys accidentally kicked it.  Luckily he’s OK. Continue reading “Friday Night Lights…well not really :-)”

Random Ramblings…

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A wee tale…


I found this picture on Pinterest and my imagination kicked in…

I think his name is Aodhan and he lives somewhere cold where he has to wear thick and warm woolly sweaters.  Maybe Ireland…

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Random Ramblings

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camping mosaic

Camping Success…

I’M ALIVE!!  Well to be honest I’m a wee bit tired after unpacking, doing 6 loads of washing and cleaning all of the things I meant to clean before we went away.  You know how it goes…school holidays, means I should be on holidays too.  Anyways, I had a really, really lovely time.  The company, weather and facilities were AMAZING!!  We woke up to clear skies nearly every day and only had to wear jumpers first thing in the morning and later in the evening.  I’m now a convert…sort of 🙂

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Random Ramblings

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I’m on a mission…

This is it…It’s nearly time…I can’t hold off any longer…I’M GOING CAMPING.


So I’m planning to do some reading and I decided that I should set myself some reading goals.  If I record it here, then I’ll be accountable…

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Random Ramblings

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Just one more…

Birthday cupcakes


Guess what I’m about to do…MAKE ANOTHER BLOODY CAKE!!  This will be the 4th for my son’s birthday.  I’m sick of making them and eating them.  The things you do for love.

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