Snickerdoodles and Shortbread Kisses….

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Do you know how hard it was to stop myself from calling this post Doodles and Kisses???  It’s Friday afternoon, I’m in a silly mood…and I’m nearly better 😀


So, I haven’t posted any baking stuff for a while.  Today I thought I’d share with you my two favourite biscuits (Aussie term) aka cookies (Overseas term). This isn’t a BAKING DAY post, because you shouldn’t bake when your sick. But my sister’s birthday is coming up soon and shortbread kisses are her absolute favourite.  This will be an – I’m about to have a BAKING DAY post.

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Sassy’s Eating Healthy…

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daviiHealthy Eating…I’m sure David Gandy eats healthy.

I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment.  I have to be careful with what I eat as I get reactions to certain foods, so I generally eat foods with low preservatives.  We’re starting to get warmer weather in Australia so I’m really enjoying my salads.

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I’m here…I’m alive…and…I’m happy!!

I’m reading an ARC of Unlikely Love by Riann Miller.  Release date – September 20, 2015.

20150830_144150I’m listening to At Peace by Kristen Ashley and I think it could take awhile, it’s nearly 24 hours long.  I generally only listen to my audible books when I’m baking.

My update – I’m 48% done with At Peace: BAKING DAY!!! Chocolate Cake. This is the first chocolate cake I’ve ever made with tears pouring out of my eyes. Two chapters that gut me every bloody time. Joe you’re a douche…then you’re not. The cake better taste good.

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muffinatpeaceI can’t cook…but I can bake

Today I made choc chip sultana muffins.  The muffins are very easy to make and really yummy.

Baking Day also means listening to an audio book.  Still listening to At Peace by Kristen Ashley.

At Peace status update – 41%

Joe – It’s time to move on

Vi – This is definitely borderline slut status.  Joe or Mike…stick to it.

Mike – Low blow mate, it’s like you took pleasure telling Joe’s secrets.  If he wanted Vi to know,he would have told her already.

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I can’t cook…but I can bake 🙂

One would think that the main purpose of Baking Day would be the pleasure in feeding my family with treats.  For me, I do it for a completely different reason, well two actually.  See, like most things in my life, I had good intentions. I’ll start off by saying that all of my little disasters were pure accidents…HONEST!!  Hubby is not fond of me picking up the iron – how was I to know that ironing spray doesn’t go in the iron???  OR – Cooking dinner – the one time I accidentally dropped the rubber band that had been attached to the BBQ chicken leg (you know the store bought pre-cooked BBQ chickens with the rubber bands around the legs to keep it all together while cooking) and hubby gets it and starts choking on it.  All of it was innocent I tell you.  Now I don’t cook dinner, unless it’s spaghetti because hubby refuses to make it because he doesn’t like it…who doesn’t like spaghetti?  Weird!!  Anyways…so I don’t cook dinner and I don’t do ironing, but that’s OK because I bake.

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