Reckless In Love (Maverick Billionaires #2) by @bellaandre and Jennifer Skully

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Reckless In LoveReckless In Love by Bella Andre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sebastian’s a control freak…with a big heart.

Every time I start a new read, I have one foot in my life (got to make sure the kids are doing their homework) and one foot in another world. This one was a little hard to step into. She’s an artist…ha ha ha, in real life I struggle drawing stick figures. She has curly hair that escapes from its bounds…unfortunately my reality is dead straight hair that I have to coax life into. She’s an independent woman who doesn’t like to have things done for her…there is NO WAY in real life I would say no to someone offering to pay my bills, give me a car to use and free accommodation. Lastly, she’s a tomboy who wears overalls and steel cap boots…Ummm, Polyvore crowned me a Style Setterlast week (and I am taking that title very seriously). Instead of being the star of Reckless In Love, I decided I’d be an observer. I’m sitting back in my comfy chair, popcorn in my lap and diet coke by my side.

At the conclusion of Breathless In Love (The Maverick Billionaires #1) we get a glimpse of where this story might be heading. Sebastian had seen a metal dragon sculpture and asked his art broker to find the creator. Charlie is the artist and he is keen to get her contracted to work for him in his new building. Charlie’s artwork called to him and he could see that her magic would fit his building perfectly. When Sebastian lays eyes on Charlie he is spellbound.

Charlie is a bit of a strange duck to me. She’s completely honest about her thoughts and feelings in one breath, but in the next she’s locking down her shields and giving the “everything’s OK” smile when it’s obviously (from an observer’s POV) not. When Charlie meets Sebastian she is a wee bit overwhelmed. The guy’s a friggin billionaire, hottie who thinks she’s a genius. She’s attracted to him alright, but what normal girl would expect someone like Sebastian to walk through her gate and fix all her problems.

The journey for Charlie and Sebastian is an interesting one. Instead of the cliché storyline we read with most billionaire heroes, we have two people whose main problem seems to be confidence. Charlie lacks confidence that she will be accepted junkyard art and all, while Sebastian’s low confidence seems to stem from his seeking unattainable perfection. This couple must learn to trust each other for their relationship to grow.

I did struggle at times with the couple’s problem solving solution…kiss, grind and pop buttons. The second half of the story provided us with A LOT of sexy times. Some of it was off the charts HOT, while other times I wished they’d sorted their problems out first. Sebastian also seemed a little unreal to me, he does and says the right thing nearly every time.

So I watched it all play out and in some ways I wish I could have been Charlie. I wanted the glitter and night life with the billionaire who was able to pay for my every whim and treat me like a Princess. In other ways I was happy to not have to see my Mum suffer with debilitating and chronic pain like Charlie’s mum Francine. This completely safe (IMO) story kept my attention from the beginning to the end.

I received a complimentary copy of this story via the author for an honest review.

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