A Style Setter Tribute to Reckless In Love by @bellaandre and Jennifer Skully

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Reckless In Love

So I finished Reckless In Love and decided that I would try and recreate another outfit for the book.  This one was a little harder because I had no chance in hell of recreating the first evening dress Charlie wore.  The description (of the first dress) had me thinking Can Can Girl meets The Flamenco.  A corsette type top and a skirt that was longer at the back than the front.  Ms Andre and Ms Skully…I’m sorry, I struggled with that one.  Instead I decided to do the dress that she tried on first…

Even with this one it’s not exactly as described, so I took a little liberty and went as close to the mark as I could.

A hint of quirky coming out...
I found Charlie a bit of a quirky character so I decided to give her an endless budget and let her personality shine through in her jewellery.  With her red curly hair piled on top of her head, I pictured emerald jewellery.  This stuff is COOL.  There’s a snake on the bracelet and a bug ring.  With her watch, I decided she was going to show her individuality even more, by wearing her everyday watch.  So voila!!
You have got to check out how much some of the jewellery cost.  Here’s the link to my polyvore .  Hover over each item and it will show the cost.
Later my lovelies 🙂
See you around ♥♥♥

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