An Abrupt Catapulting

I loved this post. I’m not a book writer, but even from a blogging point you still think that one thing you do MIGHT be the thing that will catapult you to immediate success. In the end, it’s all a journey. Make sure you’re enjoying the journey and it will be worth it.

Amanda Mininger

When I published my first novel back in 2011, I had no idea what to expect. Would strangers actually buy my book? How much work would I need to do to market it? What would any of this amount to?

Here’s what I learned: when there’s a vacuum of expectation, the ego is more than happy to step in and fill it.

I’ll give you an example.

At the time my book was published, I worked for a big newswire company. And one of their enterprise-level service offerings (that’s a sticky mouthful of jargon) was to display—for a hefty price tag—an image of your product, your company logo, your coiffed C-level executive, whatever you wanted, on a four-story jumbotron in the middle of Manhattan’s Times Square for literally millions of people to see. The end result: unbelievable publicity.

When some people at my company found out I had published a…

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Things have changed

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, I’ve made a few changes and one of them is now I’m a self-hosted website.  I’d love to stay in touch, so please make sure to come and follow me by email so we can still chat and connect.

I have a new logo, so if you see it now you know it’s me…


Later my lovelies.


See you around!


Love The Skin You’re In!

This is Awesome because everyone is different.  Who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong.  Love who and what you are 🙂


Love your body, love yourself!

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A Style Setter Tribute to Reckless In Love by @bellaandre and Jennifer Skully

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Reckless In Love

So I finished Reckless In Love and decided that I would try and recreate another outfit for the book.  This one was a little harder because I had no chance in hell of recreating the first evening dress Charlie wore.  The description (of the first dress) had me thinking Can Can Girl meets The Flamenco.  A corsette type top and a skirt that was longer at the back than the front.  Ms Andre and Ms Skully…I’m sorry, I struggled with that one.  Instead I decided to do the dress that she tried on first…

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Reckless In Love (Maverick Billionaires #2) by @bellaandre and Jennifer Skully

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Reckless In LoveReckless In Love by Bella Andre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sebastian’s a control freak…with a big heart.

Every time I start a new read, I have one foot in my life (got to make sure the kids are doing their homework) and one foot in another world. This one was a little hard to step into. She’s an artist…ha ha ha, in real life I struggle drawing stick figures. She has curly hair that escapes from its bounds…unfortunately my reality is dead straight hair that I have to coax life into. She’s an independent woman who doesn’t like to have things done for her…there is NO WAY in real life I would say no to someone offering to pay my bills, give me a car to use and free accommodation. Lastly, she’s a tomboy who wears overalls and steel cap boots…Ummm, Polyvore crowned me a Style Setterlast week (and I am taking that title very seriously). Instead of being the star of Reckless In Love, I decided I’d be an observer. I’m sitting back in my comfy chair, popcorn in my lap and diet coke by my side. Continue reading “Reckless In Love (Maverick Billionaires #2) by @bellaandre and Jennifer Skully”

That’s The Plan Stan…

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This is a big week for my reading schedule.  I have so many books I WANT  to read, but not enough time to read them.

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32 Examples Of David Gandy’s Best Serious Face

Oh Mr Gandy…I do like the moody look on you.  Some of these cracked me up 🙂

So. much.brooding

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Style Setter Tribute to Reckless in Love by @bellaandre

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Reckless In LoveI’m currently reading and enjoying Reckless in Love by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully.  Couldn’t help myself and put together my first outfit for the heroine Charlie.  She wears overalls while she works as an artist welding sculptures.  I decided to make her outfit something she could add a few accessories too and make it possible to wear out. Continue reading “Style Setter Tribute to Reckless in Love by @bellaandre”